“Fuzzy Systems on Smart Grid” @ FUZZ-IEEE 2017: schedule

Naples, Italy

Special Session “Fuzzy Systems on Smart Grid
organized by: F.J. Lin, F. Grimaccia, M. Mussetta, A. Vaccaro

10 July 2017 – 02:00PM – 04:00PM
Chairs: Faa-Jeng Lin and Marco Mussetta


  1. A Hybrid SARFIMA-FTS Model for Time Series Prediction in Smart Grids
    Cidiney Silva, Frederico Gadelha Guimaraes, Hossein Javedani Sadaei and Vitor Nazario Coelho
  2. An optimized Microgrid Energy Management System based on FIS-MO-GA paradigm
    Stefano Leonori, Maurizio Paschero, Antonello Rizzi and Frattale Mascioli Fabio Massimo
  3. Low-Voltage Ride-Through Operation of Single-Stage PV System Using Recurrent Fuzzy Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller
    Faa-Jeng Lin and Kuang-Chin Lu
  4. Clustering-based Novelty Detection to Uncover Electricity Theft
    Joaquim Viegas and Susana Vieira
  5. A Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning Approach Towards Household Energy Disaggregation
    Ding Li and Scott Dick
  6. Design of Fuzzy Logic Controllers for Decentralized Voltage Regulation in Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems
    Hafsa Qamar, Haleema Qamar and Alfredo Vaccaro
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