Special Session W33: Fuzzy Systems on Renewable Energy and Smart Grid

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Conference: Fuzz-IEEE 2018 (WCCI 2018)
Date: Wednesday, July 11, 4:30PM-6:30PM,
Room: Galapagos III,
Chair: Marco Mussetta and Francesco Grimaccia

4:30PM Modeling and Performance Evaluation of a Fuzzy Logic Controller for Buck-Boost DC/DC Converters
Minh Quan Duong, Kim Hung Le, Grimaccia Francesco, Leva Sonia and Mussetta Marco
University of Da Nang, Viet Nam; Politecnico di Milano, Italy

4:50PM A Robust Predictive Control Strategy for Building HVAC Systems Based on Interval Fuzzy Models
Oscar Cartagena, Diego Munoz-Carpintero and Doris Saez
University of Chile, Chile

5:10PM Uncertainty management for classification and benchmarking of energy-use preference profiles
Camilo Franco, Kurt Nielsen and Pieter Kerstens
Andes University, Colombia; Copenhagen University, Denmark

5:30PM Comparison of Three Techniques for Maximum Power Point Tracking of Solar PV
Arnold Sagonda and Komla Agbenyo Folly
University of Cape Town, South Africa

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